MIPR - Marketing Intelligence and Public Relations

Working with Limitations, Ordinaries, Plans and converting them to Growth, Remarkables, Achievements.

Marketing Intelligence Programs

Marketing Intelligence Programs

Market entry consultations and facilitation of licenses and certifications and more.

  • Route to Market (RTM) Strategies
  • Business Optimzation
  • Growth Hacking
Publc Relations

Public Relations

positive public image, the media can play a significant role.

  • Government Relations
  • Media Plans
  • Social Media
Marketing Business Alliance


Marketing is a central aspect of any business.

  • Business Marketing
  • Business Alliance
  • Digital Marketing Auditing
Questions to ponder!

Marketing Intelligence Questions

  • What value do you want to add to the marketplace?

  • What is the current value of the market?

  • Can you work alone? Will you need to collaborate with any third parties?

  • Will you need to employ the services of a consultancy firm or a business partner?

  • Is there a need for your product within the market?

  • What is your core value? How is your business working towards that value?

  • Should you always stick to your existing standards?

  • What value can you add to your clients' businesses?

  • Does your business have longevity? Or is it capitalising on a trend?

  • Do you believe that you deserve more business?

  • Are there any opportunities that your business hasn't tapped into?

  • Do you need to diversify to grow? Or to make profound improvements to your processes?

  • Are there any areas you need to address to meet industry standards?

Questions to ponder!

Public Relations Questions

  • How can Government relations help to build the credibility of your business?

  • How can you reap the benefits of changes to local government laws?

  • How can you gain professional Government recognition?

  • What's the best way to secure exposure for your business within this sector?

  • Media is a very broad term, what kind of media coverage does your business need?

  • Which media platforms and channels should your business target? And why?

  • What are your media objectives? How can you measure your results?

  • As a corporation, what are your obligations to the public?

  • How can you use the resources in your media plan most effectively?

  • What kind of content should your business produce for social media?

  • How can you maximise engagement on social media?

  • How can you identify your objectives and key success metrics?

  • How can you invest in social media gradually to maximise your ROI?

  • When is it best to outsource your social media to a third party?

Answering these questions will get you serious. It is time to engage yourself!

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