Who are we?

Our History

We have more than ten years of experience in working with startup companies and problems they face. We have helped small businesses which have grown from one employee to more than fifty employees in less than two years. We have been involved from the development of database systems to the operational management and implementation of database.

We have experience in handling marketing campaign management and training management for a large Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organization in Pakistan. We were involved in the campaign handling, client coordination with the training on US and UK culture to Pakistani call center agents. Our call center consultants are experienced trainers in media and banking industry in Pakistan.

Intelisales is a Pakistan Software Export Board registered call center. We have been in business since 2008.

Intelisales Limited is London based office which is a small consultancy firm. Our UK office is registered with the Companies House in the United Kingdom. Our Company number is 11517297.

Our domain intelisales.com represents two main things:

1. “intelisales” rhymes with “Intelligent Sales”. We provide Cold Calling Services either Inbound or Outbound

2. “intelisales” also rhymes with “ In Telephone Sales”. In Telephone Sales, we believe.

Since we are in a business of Cold Calling that’s why we whole heartedly believe in relationship. Our company’s tag line represents the relationship.

Communication, Respect, Trust

This makes a relationship. That’s a winning formula for anyone who wants to succeed in any kind of relationship.

Relationship = Communication + Respect + Trust

R = C + R + T