Workforce in Pakistan

Pakistan is a small but a thriving country. Call center industry has a major impact on Pakistan economy. The employment has increased and so are the new behaviors at work. Workforce in Pakistan is more effective in handling communication, better in work performances, and smart in time management.

Since the boom in the call center industry in 2001 the Pakistani workforce has a chance to learn about US and UK culture. The call center trainers have trained the agents on just about everything. It is more like profiling a country culture and making it into turnkey solutions for clients who wants to outsource their projects. Call center agents or “International Marketing Executives” are trained on communications; work ethics, US and UK accent neutralization, and leading the differences between The US states.

Pakistani people who have returned from USA or England have played a major role in uplifting many industries in Pakistan. Young Pakistanis are not just in media or music but they are playing their role to uplift the new call center industry. Majority of the people these days speak better English. They are aware of American and British politics, cultures, music, and so on.

Call Center Agents

Specially, agents in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad are very well trained. There is always a room for improvements. For example, the call center atmosphere must be an American look alike. Investors must educate themselves on the setting of call centers. They must be creative to understand that they cannot courier an American call center on cargo planes and instantly expect return on investments.

When it comes to project or campaign handling; call center management and clients must take at least a month or two only for training purposes. They should have mock calls, better scripting practice, full product knowledge, and a live test before an actual green signal from clients.

Call center management must emphasize on communication among the agents and between the management. They must create a relationship which develops communication, respect, and trust. Call centers must train themselves on how to build relationship with employees. The entire workforce behind the call center is an agent who is a front level sales executive. Furthermore, whoever is managing the project or campaign; they must understand the assignment and deliver it to agents as the clients want it.

After all, the clients are looking for service level agreements (SLAs) from offshore call centers regardless the workforce. The university graduates usually would do their post-graduation at an early age. A client will find several graduates with master’s degree rather than with bachelor’s degree. It is because of family’s pressure and earning money for the family. The trend is changing where only one person would earn the bread. Thanks to call center industry, several family members are working either in a same or a different call center. This does not even produce conflict of interest. It is because the management will put them in different projects.

The average age of an agent working in a call center is around twenty five. They have two to three years of call center experience. The have worked in an inbound and an outbound call centers. They also have flair of technical support, web chat support, email support, programming languages support, web hosting, and many more.

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