Pakistani Technology Company – How to Improve Sales Process

I am not impressed when people praise me. And, I definitely do not have manners. The proof is below. It’s a long critic read. Please have fun and improve your company.

No wonder Pakistani company will always remain a small company. No customer service at all. The problem is whoever picked doesn't have faith in future customers. Well, guess what, you should. Things change rapidly in technology company. When a customer calls a company, they do research other companies.

I have worked for FedEx and UPS in USA. The urgency in transport industry will always be there. I don't know how long you have been in business. I have worked with people who have no formal education in FedEx and UPS. However, their acceptance of calls; well, you can guess it. No wonder these companies are at the top level.


You have CXOs sitting on front runner including you. All the calls go to you directly or other chief. Why would you handle sales when you hire someone? Increase the economic activity by hiring someone. You should hired a customer service rep who tackles all the calls. Unfortunately, you don't have a business process for the front runners.

When I said 3 PM meeting on Monday, I meant it. I emailed you at 3 PM and I called at 3:30 PM. No Demo. No Show. That's a disrespect. Then I hear if Mr. COO was interested; he would call me; that's a disrespect.

As a front runner on operations and sales, it's your company’s job to tackle but at the same time not to disrespect your future customers.

Front runner sales job should be taking incoming calls regardless of what kind of calls. And they should follow a process. Pakistani companies don’t follow any business process at all. They don’t have any kind of documentation.

Bottom line for the business is money and not COO. Please tell that whoever picked up the call. He needs to take some basic crash courses on sales.

You need to throw out the ego and have some respect towards your countrymen. Never, ever underestimate a small guy.

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