Hate, Emotions and everything beyond that!

Living in a society; we must embrace everybody. What I mean by everybody is living things and nonliving things. That’s what they teach us in biology classes. It took me a hard time to understand what in the world is teacher talking about living things and nonliving things.

Now, science teaches you and differentiates about items. Is science teaching you about the emotions attached to it? Not everything is science. I am going to get bombarded with emails from scientists and professionals on that statement.

Are we controlling emotions or do emotions become behaviors? Yes, we have full power to control them and we have full power on our behaviors. How? Forgive and let it go! It is a simple process. However, when you are emotionally involved; all hell break lose.


Any startup entrepreneur is emotionally involved in a project. Why? There can be several answer. One answer is that personal cash has been injected. ROI must be quick. Well, that’s not how startup works. I have spoken to so many owners and they need ROI within six months. It’s a turn-off for the owners who is looking for a quick turn-around.

I know the reason behind it. It’s the culture, the politics, and geographical location and on the top peer pressure of not being a loser. Oh no, involving yourself with emotions? Emotions are good that’s why we are humans. Remember one thing though, if humans add intelligence to emotions, then we are more informed and would be able to make better decisions.

Now, don’t get me wrong that if someone loses; they are loser. No, that’s not the case. We are not in high school. The executive probably may not have information to make a decision, probably a bad time to execute or not to execute a project, some external threats, natural happenings, and so on. Yes, it can happen and it has happened to me with a major client based in Dubai. I did lost it to an external threat.

The point is stay calm and try to understand what exactly happened and try to let it go and forgive. Sometimes, delay tactics are much better than investing and pushing someone to have it done.

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