Dispute or Litigation

What would you prefer? To answer this; you have to have to understand what both dispute and litigation is?

In simple English, dispute is arguments between two or more parties and litigation is to take legal action against someone.

This following example is a Human Resources based example.

Human Resources

In legal language; a claimant who claims that they are not paid accurately and according to the law by their employer. In return, the defendant, an employer, will defend that claimant was paid accordingly to the law.

Disputes can arise on any subject and with anyone including both personal and businesses. The disputes can be handled in several ways. In order to save cost and time; one must go for mediation. It is a process that is handled by a trainer mediator. These don’t have to be lawyers but if a mediator is a lawyer, then it will be easier to mediate as lawyers are aware of the laws.

Mediation is not supposed to be complex but it can be if the mediator need to study some extra evidence. Mediation session usually takes place in a closed room with all the parties involved. Mediator also communicates with the parties alone in an individual manner. Mediator can resolve issues from three days to maximum thirty days.

Mediation is a mutually agreed session between two parties. Mediator is neither a judge nor a law. If two parties need to resolve the conflict and are unable to resolve issues, they can go to a mediator instead of the court.

The litigation is a legal process involving courts, judges, laws, lawyers, documentations, fee and lots of time. If you have time and lots of money, you can do litigation. Just remember, the time and money you invest in the litigation process must be worthwhile. The lawyers become rich and the claimant becomes poor.

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