Business Ready

What does it mean by business ready individual? There are several answers depending on very specific situations. In operations, business ready means you better have your equipment and tools ready to work. This does not mean purchasing or procuring. Business Ready concept comes after procuring equipment.

However, youngsters lack capital and funds to purchase goods for their businesses. For example, if you work from your mobile only; you better make sure it is charged before you speak to the client or try to engage a client. If the call drops; you lose a client.

It’s a common sense; however, most of the professionals are not following the basics. Time is money. Don’t’ run after the money. You have to run after the time. I have seen professionals working 24 hours and beyond. Of course, it requires practice and a mindset to accomplish. It is also called being proactive. Be ready earlier of what is needed to deliver.

Several Pakistani workforce has not seen fast pace environment like in western countries. No wonder western countries are very advance. If I talk about any Pakistan forces; they work at a very fast pace and very well organized. Saving a country and running a military organization are two different business operations. Armed forces of Pakistan or even armed forces of any other country has same problems running an organization as a civil company.


I just love startups; period. Working with the fresh minds is like working with the speed of light. The mind, thinking, and cognition is always on running toes. An individual is always evolving, and making themselves better at every angle. That’s what business is all about. In Arabic, business is translated to Tijara; in Urdu it is translated as Tijarat; حرکت میں برکت.

Business in Pakistan is becoming easy day by day. Unless you are used to pay bribes to government officials. I once had that moment; the official declined giving me NOC for my tax audit. I replied that I can close down the business and start again with zero funds in one hour’s time. I won’t lose a bit. He was shocked. I am always business ready.

We are living in a serious economic era due to pandemic. Majority of Pakistani youngsters have said goodbye to companies due to non-payment and unemployment. They have become freelancers at a very high pace.

We are moving towards digital Pakistan. Our passport is digital. Our CNIC is digital. Our banks are digital, so on and so forth. So is the documentation of your remittances.

Doing things illegally is easy. Just have a gung-ho style and you are ready for illegal business. An illegal work or project is one time. However, being in a legal business is a continuous effort. You are not thinking only for yourself and your business. You are also thinking about your employees and their well-being. These employees are thinking of their families. It’s a chain.

PSEB does that to its licensed call centers. I have experienced it several times. Pakistan has a bad name and reputation due to internal and external factors. We all know about it. PSEB is there to reduce or eradicate those factors.

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