Outsourced Desk

Outsourced Desk

Outsourced Desk (OD) is different than Virtual Private Assistant (VPA). OD is on a fixed term while VPA is month to month billing. Outsourced Desk can handle your technical support for managed services providers. OD can be 24/7 operation to 8-hour shift to 12-hour shift depending on the project. Customers get instant support from OD expert.

  • Telephone Chat

  • Web Chat

  • Ticket System

  • Email Support

  • Local Area Phone Number With Any Support

  • Virtual Private Assistants

    A dedicated assistant service gives you access to your own private employee. The service can be for an individual or for a group or a company. An assistant is accessible via telephone, web chat, or email. We can manage to pay your single or multiple bills or invoices.

  • Voice Services

    Intelisales offer telephone services such as telemarketing, follow-up calls, taking telephone orders, and more.

  • Data Services

    From email support to excel sheet solutions; we can handle all your data services. We have experience with New York Stock Exchange data solution for a client.

  • Call Center Training

    Intelisales feel proud to conduct several training services for clients. The agents have now become managers and some have created their own businesses.

  • Outsourced Desk

    A dedicated desk with a staff. This service provides more technical services. We provide services such as rapid web development, logo creation, Technical Level One support. These are more professional services.

  • Consultancy

    The consultancy service includes mathematics of call center setup, human resource, training, CRM, call center furniture design, call center floor design, and anything that relates to call center industry.