Export of Pakistanis to Other Nation

Hmm, a nation is built by humans. However, when Pakistanis are migrated to other countries; they belittle Pakistan. How? By their actions.

For every action, there is a reaction. If you can’t find Pakistan as a progressive economic country, you still don’t have any right to abuse Pakistan as a whole country.

So, have some respect towards your countrymen. Never, ever, underestimate anyone. I have seen people fallen from heights and begging. The ego doesn’t leave them at all. They did leave the country though with unknown ego.

Pakistan as a Nation

An affluent group of people in Pakistan; is a beggar in other countries. If you can’t do the math, then look at your bank balance. They say, it’s all about the bank balance. I guess, they don’t find a balance in spiritual and worldly life. You strive for only the world. We strive for the current world and the world hereafter. If you got doubts, educate yourself. They question is, where? I know. You won’t understand though.

You are not only staking your individual national identity; you are also staking your whole nation identity. You are the stakeholder of yourself as an individual and a nation.

Pakistan has been belittle by our own countrymen living abroad and locally. It’s a shame when we blame other mediums. Either have some respect or don’t even talk rubbish about Pakistan.

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