Shamim Ara

Artist as a Leader.

Shamim Ara was very pretty in her heyday. I am not saying that she wasn’t pretty in her old age. That age has other charms. Imagine how beautiful her mother would be?

Pakistan Workforce.

Pakistan is a small but a thriving country. Call center industry has a major impact on Pakistan economy. The employment has increased and so are the new behaviors at work. Workforce in Pakistan is more effective in handling communication, better in work performances, and smart in time management.

Changes in Pakistan.

The most common Asian countries where outsourcing is practiced are Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and many more. The most significant are only two which are India and China.

Dispute or Litigation.

What would you prefer? To answer this; you have to have to understand what both dispute and litigation is? In simple English, dispute is arguments between two or more parties and litigation is to take legal action against someone.

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.

Dieter Rams


What is Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB). It is government body to promote Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) market nationally and internationally. PSEB is not only issuing Call Center License but have several objects that they are accomplishing.


Living in a society; we must embrace everybody. What I mean by everybody is living things and nonliving things. That’s what they teach us in biology classes. It took me a hard time to understand what in the world is teacher talking about living things and nonliving things.